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Website Audits, SEO/SEM, Social Media, Creative Content,
Public Relations services with more than 18 years of experience.
Here is how we do it:

Having a website is good. But having a website that looks great, works on all devices and loads quickly is critical. We perform a FREE audit, give your business a score card and explain all the suggested changes needed.

SEO and

Having a business or website will not mean people will come to you. You need to know what your competitors are doing and what your clients wants. We do the research, the target market data and create a strategic plan for you to use and help promote your business.


Emails, Newsletters, Social Media Posts, Press Releases, Client Reviews, all of these are important and need to be managed. We make sure your business gets the right exposure.

We Offer a Full Range
of Digital Marketing Services!

We offer services from simple hourly work or monthly planned contracts to emergancy work 24/7.

What makes us unique is we ALWAYS provide a FREE quote for the work so you have nothing to lose by asking us for our help or services.

Leading Digital Agency
for Business Solution.

Everyone who works at Creative Agency Newcastle has been part of marketing agencies in the past which had over 100 people employed, expensive offices and huge overhead costs.

But in a COVID-19 world, we have stripped down the operating costs and all of our team members work virtually to deliver the same results as always, BUT, at a fraction of the COST.

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